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A Personal Interview with
Thyra McKelvie

from Rendezvous Strategies

Author: Vivian Sun

Thyra McKelvie, a Seattle native, is the owner of a B2B boutique marketing agency called Rendezvous Strategies. Rendezvous Strategies targets small to medium sized businesses in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.

From brand makeovers to strategic consulting, Rendezvous is poised to integrate and transform all sorts of marketing methods, whether traditional or non-traditional, social media or non-social media, into a comprehensive and usable strategic marketing service package that would get her clients in front of the audience they'd like to reach. As the business owner and chief visionary officer, Thyra and her team deliver results so every marketing strategy can lead to more successful business outcomes. Rendezvous Strategies brings companies and their clients together.

Thyra, pronounced “tear-ra” not “ty-ra”, has a mix of background from business development to advertising. Building a venture of her own was not just a way to celebrate her inner passion for entrepreneurship but also to leverage the autonomy that business ownership can offer to an individual and a woman with strong family values. Rendezvous Strategies represents all of Thyra’s strengths, expertise, and most importantly her relentless strategic frame of mind. As a result, Rendezvous Strategies relies on Thyra as the brand of the company, making both the service offerings and its customer acquisition process largely network and relationship based. The first set of customers Thyra acquired was through social events and her personal affiliation to other community groups.

Although Rendezvous Strategies does not seem to be disrupting an existing market, the way Thyra developed her core services and her company mission does. Rendezvous Strategies does not just throw in a marketing strategy because it is cool. Rendezvous Strategies does not execute on a social media channel just because that is what every company should do. Rendezvous Strategies customizes its work around the identity of its clients and by clearly defining a way to make that human connection, whether online or offline, to a targeted audience. Thought this way, Thyra’s work is disruptive in the sense that it can discipline and invigorate how small to medium sized businesses should think about their next marketing investment choice. 

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