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Where staff morale and organizational culture can be managed, fostered, and tracked on a weekly basis at a fraction of the cost.

Author: Vivian Sun

A harsh reality about managing a growing business, whether that be a start-up or a small to medium sized department in an aging organization, is the unspoken truth about the need for managers to somehow magically find a way to balance a growing operation while foster an improved work culture. This tension, on top of the need to re-formulate sound business remedies, is seemingly unmanageable without the help of technology.

In fact, many small-to-medium sized business managers today don’t have a single tool and easy source to do that. One reason could be there are not enough resources and funding to invest in the right technology. Another may be there hasn't been a single tool that has a simpler and cost effective user interface in the market.

The bottomline is managers need a function to quickly collect and track data from staff so they can experiment with staff to perfect the data collection and results sharing process related to staff feedback, staff performance, and staff morale. 


TINYpulse, made by TINYhr, is a "lightweight solution that captures anonymous feedback from your team [in order] to reveal insights, trends, and opportunities to improve retention, culture, and results". TINYhr was designed as a HR web platform that can be quickly installed and put to implementation. 

Analysis of Targeted Customer Segmentation

TINYpulse is ideal for the small-to-medium sized businesses that is growing or expected to grow and are experiencing or have experienced staff retention, feedback improvement, and staff morale issues that hamper their business growth and organizational effectiveness. 

Segment #1: Small-to-Medium Start-ups

  • Founders and CEOs of any growing small to medium-sized start-ups
  • Chief Officers assigned to act in HR and Organizational Development roles. 

Segment #2: Business Managers, both non-profit or for-profit, from a new or existing Department facing with the need to grow its operations by improving staff performance and morale

  • Business managers looking for more resources in addition to what is provided by central office HR support
  • Business managers in small-to-medium departments, who are seeking to learn and improve staff performance, morale, and existing work culture. 
Bottom-line Assumptions about Both Target Groups:
The target groups should have a department/office size with less than 50 staff members. Feedback is anonymously gathered into feeds or batches of HR data for the managers to reconcile and to make sure staff voices are heard. 

Who TINYhr is likely to go after in Marketing & Sales?

TINYhr is targeting Segment #1 because it seems like its current founder has more access and knowledge about HR management and organizational effectiveness issues in the private sector and start-up sector, specifically. 

TINYhr has a potential value to extend its product and services into Segment #2. However, my guess is that will be conditioned upon the following factors:

  • getting additional buy-ins from authorities in this group,
  • contextualizing the products, and
  • having a proven track record of success with segment #1.
"Improve retention and happiness by keeping a pulse on how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their team is before retention sinks and issues fester"
-TINYpulse with TINYhr
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