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Are you a fashion-forward and tech savvy dog owner? If so, your dog want you to read this blog.

Author: Vivian Sun

Did you have a Tamagotchi pet, aka, a digital pet, when you’re back in high school? It was surely a popular item for kids and teens of all kinds back in the old days. Tamagotchi was a game; it was a fad; it was lots of digital pet fun without the real responsibilities.

But why just stop there if you can own a warm and fuzzy pet along with a pet management assistant? WonderWoof is here to the rescue.

WonderWoof is a fashionably designed tracking device that allows you to stay connected to your dog's needs while shaping her behavior along the way. 

"Track, Train, Socialize and Love your dog" <3

WonderWoof is a pet wearable device (for dogs, at this time only) that collects both health and social data on your dog. It was featured in the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show and aims to solve pet lovers’ inability to more regularly stay connected to their pets’ health, feelings, and routined needs. Functionally, WonderWoof woofs its way to the pet owners through its phone app. The app outlines what the dog's routines are for any given day/time and stores behavioral records.

WonderWoof has a story for those who want to feel closer to their dogs emotionally and physically. It enables any fashion-forward, technological savvy dog lover to stay proactively connected with daily pet activities. Oh, and did I mention, WonderWoof comes in a bow tie shape and candy-like colors.

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